Judy Brass Testimonial

Judy Brass

I like to come to be challenged to see things differently. Everything is interesting if you look carefully and closer – look and truly observe. I think our classes have helped all of us do that. We have the opportunity to use different mediums and are actively pushed out of our comfort zones at times. There is no “correct way” of understanding anything and I like the fluidity of approach which lets us stumble along if we so wish, or ask for help when needed. I have especially liked the still life studies this term – much to my surprise I love to be part of such a supportive group who relish seeing the triumphs and even minor improvements of the others at the session. It really is very much part of the enjoyment for me – seeing the thrill of achievement in the faces of the others. Even when I feel haven’t achieved a great deal – you are always able to find the positives in what process we have discovered or what technique has improved, so that I leave feeling uplifted .