All done now but found the whole thing inspiring and good fun. Eleven people for the last one. One lady, from Paris, had done no drawing since school but was quite brilliant! Hope to encourage new class members but worth it just for the immediate experience.


Have done two of the four planned workshops at the High House and am really glad I thought of the idea. Great to get involved with people esp. in the context of the work. Looking forward to the next one…also think I may be going to get a couple of commissions out of the process. Good stuff

Ancient High House Exhibition Setup

Spent All day setting up exhibition. They high house is a real challenge, not one straight wall which made the spirit level useless.

Ended up only hanging landscapes and pencil drawings. Needed a third room for the abstracts! Took them back to the studio in the end.

However less is definitely more. It looks good!

Carol Siddal Testimonial

Carol Siddal

Because of the way Clare helps us to understand what makes different paintings work using the masters as examples and then takes us through various processes, when it comes to ones own work you become more analytical and the penny drops and you know how to improve. Clare’s ability toteach regardless of students painting ability is outstanding.

Judy Brass Testimonial

Judy Brass

I like to come to be challenged to see things differently. Everything is interesting if you look carefully and closer – look and truly observe. I think our classes have helped all of us do that. We have the opportunity to use different mediums and are actively pushed out of our comfort zones at times. There is no “correct way” of understanding anything and I like the fluidity of approach which lets us stumble along if we so wish, or ask for help when needed. I have especially liked the still life studies this term – much to my surprise I love to be part of such a supportive group who relish seeing the triumphs and even minor improvements of the others at the session. It really is very much part of the enjoyment for me – seeing the thrill of achievement in the faces of the others. Even when I feel haven’t achieved a great deal – you are always able to find the positives in what process we have discovered or what technique has improved, so that I leave feeling uplifted .

Sarah Matthews Testimonial

Sarah Matthews

I had never done any drawing or painting at all since I left primary school, but the class opened the door to a rewarding pastime. Now I often take a sketchbook on holiday with me, and have completed several oil paintings. Learning to draw and paint has made me observe the world more attentively, and notice things I was previously oblivious to. It has also helped me to understand and appreciate other artisits’ work. I enjoy becoming absorbed in drawing and painting. There is a companionable and supportive atmosphere within the class. Class members take pleasure in each other’s progress and success. The teaching is supportive and encouraging, but also challenging. The teacher is infectiously enthusiastic. During the class individual projects and guided work take place alongside each other, according to the preferences and needs of individual class members. I come because it’s fun!


Sandra Tranter Testimonial

Sandra Tranter

After finishing work and moving area, there is the opportunity to attend art classes. Why art ? ….a general enjoyment of creative activities and the fulfilment of achieving an end result. Except for the occasional painting with the grandchildren, and excluding diy painting, I have not picked up a paintbrush since school. It was with slight trepidation (could I actually paint or draw?) that I joined Clare’s art class a few months ago, any concerns were quickly dispelled. The groups are small, very friendly and allow time for individual and group tuition. Clare offers enthusiastic encouragement along with constructive comment and advice, allowing time to develop your work. The time can be challenging, thoroughly enjoyable and very rewarding, an absolute gem.


Ann Dumbleton Testimonial

Ann Dumbleton

As a complete beginner I am delighted with my progress, achieving much more than I would have believed possible. The studio is an inspiring environment in which to work and each session is absorbing. Clare gives expert, enthusiastic tuition – not at all intimidating- and the small, friendly group’s members are supportive and encouraging of each other. I’ve learnt the importance of careful observation. I have experienced landscape, still-life and portrait drawing and I have especially enjoyed learning to use different media.

Fiona Sparkes

Fiona Sparkes

I’ve really gained confidence from working with Clare. She puts a of thought into the structure of her classes and her guidance and encouragement are invaluable. A day in the lovely setting of Clare’s studio is pure escapism. It’s a joy to focus entirely on painting.

Testimonial Carol Stanley

Another testimonial

Carol Stanley

You are a good teacher!, always happy to give advice when it is sought I enjoy the concentrated atmosphere which is also calm and supportive Like the way you set things up to improve our skills, using other artists’ work as illustrations, and following a theme for a number of weeks, but also quite happy for us to do our own thing if we want.

Like the whole day classes every so often to really get into something and to complete it in (more or less) one session. Really feel we have all made a great deal of progress!

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